She Was Taken Advantage By Her Step-Father Then A Group Of Tough-Looking Bikers Came Up And Did This Unexpectedly!

'Fa' was described as an outgoing woman who is happy and fearless with everything that she does. But at her young age of 10, the fearless 'FA' disappeared when her step father decided to take advantage of her young mind and body. This happened without the knowledge of her mother. 

'FA' was frightened at that moment that she stopped sleeping properly, was not eating well and does not even want to take off her clothes and take a shower. 

Clearly, her life was not like before. When her mother discovered this, she immediately threw off the filthy man out of her home. But the trauma remained with 'FA', not until a group of tough-looking, bearded, muscular, tall men and strong-looking women wearing their vests, boots and riding their bikes came up to her. 

These group of tough-looking bikers are members of the non-profit organization called Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA). Their goal is to bring back the confidence and smile of every child who experience fear and trauma from the tragic incident that happened to them.

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