Siblings Were Caught In The Act 'Playing' With Each Other!

As the siblings grow older, there are certain things that changes especially when it comes to the way they are bonding or the things that they are interested in. 

Most of the times, siblings love to annoy each other. There is a certain amount of joy in each other's faces when they see each other getting annoyed with all the things that they are doing. 

A great example of how the love of siblings are when they grow older. 

The younger brother appears as if he was talking to someone one the phone. But the aura changes when he saw that his older sister was holding a huge balloon

It turns out that the brother was afraid of balloons. He has a fear that it could pop anytime. 

He was constantly begging his sister to leave the room. The sister was laughing out loud because of the reaction of his brother. 

The netizens claim that this is the special bond between brothers and sisters.

lalaking takot sa lobo HAHAHAHA(c)camille chosen smith
Posted by Don't me on Thursday, April 7, 2016

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