Mysterious Mobile Application "Demon" Strange Attacks Video Happening Worldwide Goes Viral! Horrifying!

A series of bizarre attacks were compiled together by a Youtube User named Jason A

Most of the videos that were put together includes a video or a story of a man who is undressed and causing trouble to the neighborhood. 

One of the attackers on the said video claims that he was somehow possessed by an application that he has on his phone. The Uber Driver told the policemen how he recalled seeing the sign and symbol of the demons followed by an image of a demon that he described as a creepy goat with horns. 

When he was asked by the police officers if he remembers anything about the incident, he just said that he heard the sound of the guns popping but never felt the gun on his hand. 

The man was found with the weapon that was used for the tragic incident but he insisted that he did not do such thing. He claims that it was not him who was controlling the body. 

Still, there are no explanation on these strange attacks that happened.

Source: Jason A

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