Sue Ramirez Plays The Role Of Liza Soberano's Elder Sister In 'Dolce Amore'!

While the role of Kean Cipriano as Binggoy in the series Dolce Amore was having the time of his life on stage at the local country bar, the bouncer told him that it was already enough. They were forcing him to get off the stage because there is another singer that wants to have the microphone. 

It turns out that the next artist is the amazing actress Sue Ramirez. She sang to the tune of Yeng Constantino's hit song, 'Time In'

If ever you did not get the chance to watch the early episodes of the show, Alice and Uge are also the biological parents of Serena, played by Liza Soberano. They were separated when a violent war started in Ascovia. 

This sums up that the role of Sue Ramirez is the elder sister of Liza Soberano.

Source: ABS-CBN

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