They Saw This Man Kidnap A Child.. Their Reaction Was Unbelievable!

The witnesses are always the key to solving a crime plus the evidences. However, these witnesses could have done something to change what happened if only they stood up and fought for what is right. 

What would you do if you have witnessed a child being abducted right in front of you? Would you try to stop it or would you just let it go?

A footage that was filmed in China as a man was abducting a child by covering a cloth with chloroform on the mouth of the child and snatching him up. 

The people who have seen the incident did not even try to stop this man. This is the sole reason why the number of kids being kidnapped in China is rampantly increasing. 

No one dared to confront or stop him. It appears that concern for others is being lost in China. 

Luckily, this was just a social experiment.

Source: WereBlog

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