This Choir Went Up On Stage, When The Music Started They Did THIS Which Left 2 Judges Fighting Over! Must Watch!

Not many people are fans of a Christian choir. However, a certain group called 100 Voices of Gospel changed the way they see choirs. 

The group 100 voices of Gospel tried their luck at the Britain's Got Talent stage when they decided to audition for the talent competition. 

This group started off with a solen song but the judges did not expect what happened next. From a very quiet choir, they turned into an energetic group giving away good vibrations to the judges and the viewers. 

Because of the stunning performance that they depicted, one of the judges Alesha Dixon decided to press the Golden Buzzer which advances them to next part of the show. 

Knowing that Simon Cowell would also press it, she decided to do her best to beat him to pressing the buzzer.

Source: Britain'sGotTalent

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