This Dog Found Out That His Best Buddy Passed Away, What The Dog Did Was Heartbreaking!

Dogs are often referred to as 'man's bestfriend'. This is not only for the fact that they do well when it comes to socializing with human but because of the affection and love that they have to offer towards their masters or owners. 

This was proven by several stories of dogs and their owners that touched the hearts of every individual in the world. A perfect example is the love of Hachiko who waited for his master in the train station every single day.

And now, this photo of a dog has made the rounds on social media sites. It was a photo of a dog who wanted to hug and cry in front of the tomb of his owner who have passed away

It was indeed a very heart-breaking scene. His best buddy is now gone but the dog is not yet prepared to say goodbye.

Source: Facebook

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