This Groom And His 9 Groomsmen Lined Up. Whey They Started Shaking Their Heads? Everyone's Mind Was Blown!

In this generation, there are a lot of couples who have been doing choreography in their wedding to break the traditional slow dances. 

They have been investing their effort and time in making sure that they were able to provide entertainment to all the people including the guests, friends and of course their families. 

There are even times where flash mobs stuns the people in the celebration. 

Now, this video by Ryan North of North Productions will show you how theses groomsmen entertained the people. Led by the groom, they started to line up and no one expected this coming. 

The total of 10 men did amazing routines that showed many of the dance hits. It is very touching to the hearts of the people. 

Source: LittleThings

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