This Is Not Just A Simple Bug, They're Starting To Appear Everywhere. If You See Them, Do THIS IMMEDIATELY!

Ever heard of the tiny little insects called the 'Kissing Bugs'? Well, their name might sound charming and adorable but you surely don't want to be around these little creatures. 

Kissing bugs are known to be the assassin bug. They often attack by biting around the eyes and mouth of an animal or a person. There had been over 300, 000 cases of people who were infected by Chaga disease brought by the kissing bugs. 

These bugs feed on the blood of human as they are sleeping. The feces of these insects contain deadly parasites that can be transferred to humans and animals.  The Chagas disease is known as the silent killer

Here are the list of the symptoms that you can seen if ever you are infected by the Chagas:
- swollen abdomen
- increased heart rate
- depression and lethargy
- seizures or jerky movements
- weakness
- poor coordination and confusion
- diarrhea
- loss of appetite

These are the things that could help you avoid having the risks of being exposed to these bugs:

- Keep the outdoor dogs on a higher place elevated to the ground. 
- Always clean the house and the yard
- Place the outdoor lights from a distance from the house to keep away the bugs
- Make sure to seal the holes, gaps and cracks on the window screens
- Remove piles of rock, wood and brush near the house or the yard. 
- Keep the animals indoor during the night inside the house since the bugs are nocturnal. 

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