This Man Lived His Entire Life In This Miniature Camper. When He Showed What Was Inside? Amazing!

Years back, Paul Elkins decided to travel the country with the equipment that he called as 'stealth camper'

This camper is attached to a bicycle. It is unlike any other small homes that can be brought to different places. It only costed him $150 and the weight that he carries is only 60 pounds.

Paul decided to create this using six pine boards, duct tape, zip ties and screws. Then it was attached to the $20 bicycle. He reinvented the term 'home away from home'

The stealth camper is just a small home but it has a fully-functional bread-pan sink, counter, shelving, clothing storage, stove and shelving. It even has its own LED lighting and a skylight. 

It may appear small because it is only the same size of a doghouse but it is really convenient. 

“For people who can’t afford a pickup truck and to build a little home on a trailer, maybe they could just do this and tour around. For people who are adventurers and don’t mind pulling a little weight and taking their time traveling, this I think would be a fun way to go,” Paul said.

Source: LittleThings

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