This Woman Sunk Underwater While Inside The Car, What She Did Was Impressive! You'll Need This!

Cars made the lives of people easier especially when it comes to travelling. However, this comes with danger as well. There are a lot of accidents happening on the roads and this is the last thing that you want to happen with you and your loved ones. 

There are even stories where the cars sink in the waters such as the rivers, lakes and even seas.

Cars take time before it actually sink so the first thing that you needed to to do is to stay calm. 

Then follow this lead:
1. When you are finally prepared to make the great escape, unbuckle your seat belt immediately. 
2. Turn your attention to the children inside the car. Make sure that you will be able to free them from their seat belts. Assure them that everything will be okay. 
3. Be sure to leave by the window because the pressure and the weight of the water will prevent you from getting out of it. You need to break down the window because it is impossible to roll them down. You can crash the window near the headrest. 
4. When you have gone out of the car, swim to be able to get to the top of the water.

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