Tragic And Heartbreaking Story Of A Mother Who Lost Her Baby Girl Even Before She Was Born!

Many women claim that becoming a mother or having a child is one of the most beautiful things that could ever happen to them. 

It makes up their whole essence of being a woman. They are enduring the pain and difficulties of being pregnant for 9 months. It is truly amazing how a mother could possibly make this sacrifice to be able to keep their children safe and healthy while they are still inside the tummy. 

However, the pain that they will feel if ever their angel would be taken away could not be compared to any other pain. 

This particular mother shared how tragic her life has been ever since her baby passed away. She carried her for 9 months and when it is about time to give birth, the baby had no heartbeat. The innocent child did not survive and passed away. 

It was a very unfortunate incident for this couple but they needed to move on and keep on fighting.

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