Truth Behind The Alleged Death Of Avril Lavigne And Her Doppleganger! Must Read!

There had been rumors and theories that the rockstar Avril Lavigne had already passed away back in 2003 after she allegedly ended her life. 

Based on the theory that was discussed in publications such as Gawker and Vice, the Avril that you are seeing now is the doppleganger of the singer/musician named Melissa Vandella

A particular website called shared their own observations on the major changes that occured to the image of Avril such as the birthmarks, moles and pimples. 

The same site said that since 2002 from being 1.58m to 1.55m. Her voice and the nose shape has already changed. 

There are theories that pressure and depression from the pain that she is experiencing can be heard on the song 'My Happy Ending' and 'Nobody's Home'

Though it may sound real and true, but this is just a theory that was created to see how people would really believe everything that they read online. 

Avril reacted on her Twitter account saying that this is indeed an insane idea.

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