Controversial: Voters Spotted Wearing Yellow But They Are Solid Duterte Voters!

A controversial video has been making the rounds online. This was taken by one of the Duterte supporters as they were passing by a group of people who are wearing yellow t-shirts with the name of Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo hanging in their jeepneys

However, when the supporter of Duterte shouted the name of his president to these group of people they could not help but chant the name as well. 

One of the drivers even claimed that his vote goes to Duterte and that he is only doing that because it is a part of their job

Most of them asked for the stickers of Duterte and Cayetano. 

Many people are saying that these people are just taking the money but when it comes to the day of their elections, they would choose the candidate that they wanted to win.

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