Woman Gets An Awful Rejection From A Married Man After Asking Him For A One-Night Stand!

Trust and loyalty are things that takes time to be built  but can be destroyed in just seconds when people do wrong things which are considered to be mistakes. Especially when it comes to relationship. There are relationships that end because of the people who does know how to be contented. 

A conversation of a woman trying to flirt with a man who is already married goes viral online. 

The unidentified woman was sending sweet and seductive messages to this man. The man knew that she was trying to do something that a normal woman would never do. 

He told her to stop messaging but the woman was persistent. She even offered to have a 'one-night stand' with and it is done. 

But this man knows how to answer well to women who are like this.

Source: Danified

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  1. this kind of relationship is doing with more and more people and the rising of the one night stand websites in the internet world shows what people need nowadays...