Woman Has Been Crying Stones For 7 Years. You Can Never Imagine The Pain That She Is Feeling!

The eyes of a person are considered to be one of the most sensitive parts of the body. 

The eyes are sensitive enough that even the nano-sized dust can irritate it. Many foreign material which enters the eyes will cause it to sore. 

However, in China a woman named Chinese Ding Aihua from the East China was reported to have experienced a very strange event. 

It has been occurring for 7 years now since a stone was found underneath the eyelid of the Ding. It was discovered by her husband Liang Xinchun

Every once in a while, they could see another stone pop up. It is a white hard stone that needs a wire to let it out.

No one could explain what was happening to her. Not even the doctors have explanation on what she was feeling.

Source: SizzlingFeed

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