Woman Was Violated In A Cemetery. What Happened Afterwards Was Shocking!

Alfonso took care of his niece when her mother passed away. He became the legal guardian and the stepfather of this woman since she had nowhere else to go. 

Back in 2007, this young woman told him that she will be out with one of Alfonso's friends named Mario. He was already getting anxious because of the fact that there was still no sign of her at the house. 

But after a few more hours, she finally came home. She was already wearing different clothes. This is where things got a little sketchy. 

The woman then claimed that Mario brought her to the cemetery in Paraiso then forced her to make love with him. He ripped her clothes off until there was nothing left. 

It has been years since Mario avoided these issue but now they are in front of the live television show to talk about these things. 

How they reacted to the things being thrown at them was insane.

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