World's Best Magician Risks His Life That Terrified And Amazed Everyone At The Same Time! Unbelievable!

This man is dubbed as the world's best magician ever. He is an illusionist that came was born in Winnipeg, Canada. By the age of 16, he was already dubbed as a magic champion. 

He had won against the world's most experienced magicians and took home the People's Choice Gold Medal. 

He blew the minds of the audience as well as the judges of Britain's Got Talent with his one of a kind audition piece. He tricked the people with his illusions. 

Darcy Oake managed to become a part of the final shows. And for his final performance, he used a dangerous prop which is a dangerous trap. He was wrapped and there is no way that he could escape. The fire was already burning up the rope and the trap will soon close him up.

Source: YouTube

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