World's Worst Airports Based On The Statements Of Flight Attendants And Pilots! Must Read!

There had been numerous reports about the best airports in the world. However, there are also some of the worst ones. 

The next time that you travel be sure to check out these lists. Every single day the flight attendants and the pilots are the ones who makes use of the airports. 

Here are some of the worst airports:
The security at the Heathrow
-They are following the 3-1-1 rule on all the liquid requirements. 

The cramped and dirty Laguardia in NYC 
- they claim that how the small and cramped up the airport is. There are some few food shops. It was designed for a lighter use. 

The Washington Dulles
- The buses and the tunnels do not jive together.

Ninoy Aquino International Airport
- Many people said that the airport was confusing, physically exhausting and that they were trapped in time. 

Pyongyang Airport
- This airport has only one gate for the arrivals and departures. 

- There are a lot of power cuts that happened. This place does not even have amenities. 

- The traffic here is terrible. There are a lot of passengers which makes it crowded. 

- It used to be a nice airport and quited but it became messy because of the RyanAir. There are always delays for the airlines.

Paris' Charles de Gaulle 
- This place was said to have been illogically designed. No signages for the people.
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