10 Unbelievable Reason Why Davao City Is The Safest City In The Philippines

Davao City is known for being a part of the safest cities in the world. In fact, it took the no. 5 spot as the safest city in the world. In the Philippines, it might be the safest of all. 

An observation was made by one Filipino who said that he was able to live in different cities in the country and he is the living proof that Davao is the safest among them. Too safe that even the foreigners wanted to move in and settle down in Davao City. 

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Here are the lists of the reasons why Davao is considered the safest city:

1. Rules and regulations are strictly being implemented.
2. The 911 team that can be seen in Davao is effective and efficient
3. Potable and safe water is available here
4. No abusive locals or taxi drivers, so travelers and strangers are safe here
5. There is no place for criminals in the city. 
6. Low chance of dying because of the healthy lifestyle in Davao
7. There is a lower number of vehicular accidents in the city. 
8. The high police visibility secures the public places
9. Festivities and holidays are safer in the city.
10. Locals are strictly following and respecting the orders of Mayor Duterte.

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