15 Most Dangerous Signs Of Cancer People Usually Ignores!

Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases that could ever attack the body of mankind. Oftentimes, the signs and symptoms are already appearing but people tend to ignore it. They do not have an idea that it is already an indication that they are possibly suffering from cancer.

Here are the list of symptoms that the people ignore:

1. The first sign that people could see is the sudden change in the weight. If a person's weight suddenly drops, this could be a sign. 

2. If they are experiencing a long fever which is persistent and does not go away, it could be a sign of lymphoma and leukemia. 

3. Fatigue and too much weakness especially when you are fond of sleeping and resting more can be a sign to various cancer types. 

4. Shortness of breath and wheezing occurs when the lungs are pressing against each other. If the breath is being constricted, a whistling sound occurs. 

5. Lung tumors and leukemia occurs when there is a bad cough or bronchitis. 

6. If there are swelling in the abdomen, followed by a pelvic pain this can be a sign of ovarian cancer. 

7. Heartburn is also a sign related to esophageal cancer. 

8. If there are changes in the bowel habits for the last four weeks or for no particular reason, this can be a sign of bowel cancer. 

9. When there is difficulty in swallowing or the food is stuck in chest and throat. It can lead to throat cancer and esophageal cancer. 

10. Finding unusual lumps or swelling in the body should be checked immediately by the doctor. 

11. Upon seeing that there are changes in the nails, this is one of the warning signs of cancer. 

12. Experiencing abnormal bleeding which is very unusual especially when urinating or in stool, it could lead to bowel cancer. 

13. Pain that does not go away for more than four weeks, it could be a sign of bone or testicular cancer which is not good for the body. 

14. Pelvic or abdominal pain can cause ovarian cancer. It can also be a sign of uterine cancer or leukemia. 

15. Changes in the skin such as darker looking skin, yellowish skin, reddened kin and itchiness can be skin cancer.

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