A Heartbreaking Video That Shows The Softest Side Of Mayor Duterte! MUST WATCH!

We've known the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as a tough person who's willing to take down any criminal who would try to disobey any rule or law. People even claim that Duterte is considered as the toughest Mayor and he's also known as a person with a heart that's hard as rock. But then, it seems that all those speculations are wrong.

A video of Mayor Duterte wherein he attended a gathering of cancer patients, is now circulating online.

The said video shows the soft and probably the weakest side of Mayor Duterte.

Mayor was standing behind the group of children who were suffering from different kinds of cancer, after a few moments, he was seen wiping his tears.

Upon watching this video, you will realize that Mayor Duterte isn't what media describes after all. This video will simply prove that every tough person has their soft side.

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