A High School Drop Out Tops The Licensure Examination For Teachers! Truly Inspiring!

There had been a lot of inspiring stories online that really touched the netizens, and now, another story of a Facebook user is now circulating online!

A man named Michale Prince Del Rosario has caught the attention of the netizens after he shared his story with them.

Michael is a high school drop out yet he managed to top the Licensure Examination for Teachers in the secondary level.

He claims that he was in high school when he got addicted to a computer game. He was so addicted to it to the point that he no longer attends his classes and even used his allowance for computer shop rental.

Del Rosario had a second chance of studying. He was able to have his own high school diploma by the help of the ALS or Alternative Learning System of DepEd.

What's more interesting in this story is that aside from being the top board passer of LET, he also took the 8th spot in the board exam for nurses.

He was able to get a total of 92% in the LET. 

Now, he's planning to teach in a public provincial secondary school so that he'll be able to inspire more students!

Source: ABS-CBN

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