A Plan To Kill Duterte On His Grand Rally Was Revealed!

Everyone was left in total shock after the plan of assassinating the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte broke out on the social media sites today.

A report from Duterte's camp claims that the rivals of Mayor Duterte are using huge funds to destroy Duterte's image and to push though the allege plan to kill him on his grand rally on May 7.

After hearing about this story, Mayor Dun Evasco asked the presidentiable to avoid the grand Rally at the Luneta park on May 7 because this might be the place where the plan will be done.

But instead of getting afraid after this news broke out, Mayor Duterte stated that he'd still push through in attending the grand rally.

He still insisted to risk his safety just for him to be able to meet his supporters. 

"If it's my destiny to die, so be it." Duterte stated in an interview!

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