AFP Gives Assurance That They Will Support Duterte And His Peace And Security Policies!

We all know for a fact that everyone's wishing for the Davao city's rules to be implemented in the whole country for us to achieve the peace and order that we've been looking for. 

Duterte, who's the leading candidate in the presidential race has revealed in his past interviews that he will really be implementing the Davao rules in the Philippines.

And now, the leadership of Armed Forces of the Philippines has recently revealed that they are now ready to implement all of the peace and security policies that Mayor Duterte wishes to be implemented in the whole country.

They also said that they will be respecting whatever the choice of the Filipino people and of course, they will remain solid behind the constitution.

“The AFP, as professional military organization, respects the choice of the Filipino people and will remain solid behind the Constitution and our democratic institutions,” the AFP said in a press statement 

Despite that the election results are still unofficial, the people have already concluded that Duterte will be the next president of the Philippines since his fellow candidates have already conceded to him.

Source: GMA

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