Anne Curtis' Viral Photo Has Caught The Netizens' Attention! Find Out Why!

The netizens were left in total shock and confusion after a photo of Anne Curtis along with a hot male has gone viral online!

The said photo was actually taken at the wedding of Anne Curtis' friend Georgina Wilson in London. Perhaps, mesmerized by the beauty of the Kapamilya actress, this man knew that he had to post it on social media.

But aside from Anne Curtis, what really caught the netizens' attention is the captivating beauty of this man!

A lot of the followers of Anne Curtis were mesmerized by how good looking this guy is!

Some people are even commenting that this man is far better and more handsome than Anne Curtis' boyfriend Erwan Heussaff!

Some people are even commenting that Anne and this mysterious guy looks good together.

The mysterious guy was then identified as Billy Eldridge, a model.
Source: Chisms

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