Controversial: Modus Of The Vendors In The Market Was Caught On Cam! Shocking!

A lot of people claim that we should buy to those vendors in the market instead of those in the malls because buying from the little vendors will not just help you save money, thus, it will also help those poor people who sell food for their living.

However, some people claim that vendors in the market aren't fair enough to give what they paid for.

Now, there's this video that shows the "modus" of the vendors in the market! In this video you will see how this lady plays with the foods that the customers are buying from their store.

You can clearly see in this video that the consumers are picking the best seafood that they can get from the store, when the lady is about to put the food in the plastic, she then replaces it with another plastic that doesn't contain what the customers have chosen.

People then claimed that this incident took place in China and that this should now serve as a warning to each and everyone out there because this might also be happening not just in China but also in different countries around the world.

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