Create Your Own DIY Lipstick Made Out Of Crayons! Stunning Results!

Make-up has become a part of the daily lives of many women. It adds beauty to their bare face which boosts up their confidence. They are saying that with the help of make up, they feel really good about themselves. 

Lipstick is one of those cosmetic products that women could not live without. There are tons of shades and colors of lipstick to choose from based on the skintone and the color of the outfit that they are wearing. 

But this product does not come cheap, it could be expensive depending on the brand that they are using. 

But now, a stunning way of how you can create your own lipstick from crayons will surely make the lives of women a little less expensive. 

Things you need for the DIY Lipstick:
- Coconut oil
- Crayons
- Pot with water
- Tiny containers
- Glass jars 
- Petroleum jelly

The procedure will be explained on the video. Watch this!

Source: Posade, CrackerDaily

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