Daniel Padilla's Reaction When A Fan Almost Kissed His Lips Was Priceless! Must Watch!

When Vice Ganda had his birthday celebration on Gandang  Gabi Vice, Robin Padilla, Daniel Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez were the guests on the show. 

Robin and Daniel played a game that was prepared by Vice Ganda. The consequence for the one who will lose the game is that they will be re-enacting the given scene from their previous films. 

Unfortunately, Daniel lost and he had to portray the young Robin Padilla in the film 'Maging Sino Ka Man'. He did it to one of audience. But when he was about to kiss the woman, she leaned forward showing that she was about to kiss him on the lips. 

Daniel was shocked with what happened and his reaction was priceless!

Source: ABS-CBN

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