"Duterte is not the threat in democracy" Peping Cojuangco Said! MUST WATCH!

Recently, a video of Peping Cojuangco that went viral, left the netizens in total shock. 

In the said video, Peping Cojuangco stated a lot of reasons as to why this country don't have any progress. He also puts the blame on the leadership of President Noynoy Aquino.

Peping Cojuangco claims that he's doing this to once again rise and defend democracy again

"His [PNoy] recent pronouncements have become a betrayal for all the sacrifices of his father and mother." He said.

But what really caught the netizens' attention is when Peping Cojuangco stated that Duterte is not the threat in this country's democracy.

People are now questioning Peping Cojuangco as to why he suddenly changed his mind on being on the side of Duterte.

Meanwhile, people quickly defended Cojuangco by saying that ever since, he has already been against President Aquino.

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