Duterte Orders The Arrest Of Parents Who Lets Their Children Out After Curfew!

The presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte will not let the parents get away of the minors who will be caught after the curfew. 

After 10 in the evening, no unaccompanied minor should be seen on the streets. If so, their parents will be arrested for the charges of Child Abandonment

"My order is this: not to arrest the child. The child must be taken into custody by the police and the agencies concerned,' he said to the reported during his firs public appearance after a week of being out in the public eye. 

"Then, go to the house to arrest the mother and the father for the crime of child abandonment," he added saying it to the reporters while he was in the Hotel Elena. 

He said that the Revised Penal Code is his source for the arresting of the parents who have found guilty of abandoning their children to roam on the streets.

Source: GMA

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