Duterte Promises To Be 'Prim And Proper' When He Takes The Seat In Malacañan!

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte promised that he would be 'prim and proper' once he takes the seat in the Malacanan palace

He said that his tough-talking will not be brought to the house. “I need to control my mouth. I cannot be bastos (rude) because I am representing our country.”

“If you are the President of the country, you need to be prim and proper, almost, maging holy na ako (I would become holy),” said Duterte as he is in the late-night program of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. 

He was known by the people for his strict leadership and his profanity when he made several speech. 

The common-law wife of Duterte Cielito 'Honeylet' Avancena said that Duterte is certainly ready to become a statesman. 

”The character that he projected during the campaign was the character that is very appropriate for the campaign period kasi awayan ‘yan eh (because it’s full of arguments). Presidency, are you still going to don such a character when you should act like a statesman?” she said in the reporters on the sidelines of Quiboloy's interview.
Source: Inquirer

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