Duterte To Stop Construction Of Additional Factories In Metro Manila! Must Watch!

The presumptive president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte said that he will not be allowing additional construction of factories in Metro Manila.

He made a point that the area of Metro Manila is already filled with many factories. “Manila is already saturated. I will not allow factories anymore in Manila,” this is the statement that Duterte said in a press conference. 

“Not only because it is a dead city but because I have to build a new environment for the people,” Duterte added. 

The tough-talking president made a point that he wanted to distribute the power and wealth of Manila to other regions of the Philippines. 

“I have to relocate them, pero bago marelocate, I have to establish an economic activity. Mag-economic zone na lang ako, tapos ilagay ko sila doon,” said Duterte.

Source: GMA

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