Duterte Told De Lima To Shut Up! Why? Must Watch!

The incoming president Rodrigo Duterte answered the statement of Leila De Lima as she will be watching every single action that he will be doing. 

But now, the presumptive president has a reply to the senator-to-be, he claims that the illegal trade of Shabu started during the term of De Lima. 

'Shabu starte during her time. Siya ang magbantay sakin,' said Duterte as a press conference was held. 

Duterte said that he has all the access on the documents of the country. He told her to shut up. 

'Ayy, De Lima tumahimik ka. I will investigate you. Then I will file charges against you!' he added. 

This only goes to show that no one will get away with the crime that they have committed now that Duterte is bound to take the seat in the Palace.

Source: News5

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