Dutertes Will Make Lapu-Lapu A Proper Hero For His Bravery And Sacrifices Against Spaniards!

According to the presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte one of the injustices that happened in the Philippines is the way people treat Lapu-Lapu. And this is one of his concerns when he becomes the president of the Philippines. He wanted to correct it in his administration. 

Duterte plans on making Lapu-Lapu a proper hero of the Philippines since he was one of the natives who bravely fought the Spanish forces 300 years ago when they landed in Cebu. 

"I will raise to level to the stature of a hero si Lapu-Lapu. He was the first native who fought and even killed the imperialists, si [Ferdinand] Magellan. To honor his feat," said Duterte. 

"Lapu-Lapu should be given the highest honor. Siya ang unang nakipagbakbakan eh kasi ginawa lang nila si Lapu-Lapu na isda and I do not like it," this was said in one of his campaign speeches. 

Duterte puts it in the hands of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines to find a way on how Filipinos would be known nationwide.

Source: GMA

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