From Being A Beggar, This Girl Is Now A Degree Holder After Finishing College At The LPU Manila!

A story of a  woman who grew up as a homeless is now circulating online and has been touching the netizens.

A young girl named Rodallie S. Mosende grew up as a homeless girl living in the streets of Quiapo Manila, begging people for alms and food so that she and her family could survive the day.

However, this young girl never allowed that poverty to stop her from achieving her dreams.

She claims that her life changed when she met a documentary photographer named Rick Rocamora who featured her life story online. After her story went viral online, she received donations from an anonymous benefactor. The unidentified kind hearted man donated money that could support her college education at the Lyceum of the Philippines University in Manila.

To support her self, she worked as a streetsweeper so that she could have enough money for food and transportation.

And now, Rodallie was among the newest batch of Graduates of the Lyceum. 

She's a living proof that nothing can really defeat a person who's willing to do everything to achieve her dreams!

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