Gasoline Boy Captivated The Hearts Of The Social Media Users! Must See!

A gasoline boy took the internet like a storm. Not only because of the fact that he is good-looking but because of the story behind what he does now. 

This man was identified as CJ Querol. His photos circulated online because of the stunning figure and his looks that was noticed by one of their customers.

The customer posted the photo and it gained mixed reactions from the social media users. Many claims that he should not be working there since he could be a model. 

But the reason why he works as a gasoline boy is because of the fact that he didn't finish his studies. He only reached 2nd year of his high school years. 

He belongs to a broken family. His father decided to leave them and now, he needs to work hard to support himself and his family. 

A good news is bound to happen to him as the International Fashion Designer Francis Libiran,  will give him a chance to model his brand.

Source: ABS-CBN

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