14-Year-Old Girl Nervously Stepped On Stage, When She Started Singing? The Judges Totally Lost It!

An unbelievable 14 year-old Jasmine Elcock stunned the judges with her rendition of the song that she performed. 

The young girl got Ant and Dec teary-eyed in the show of Britain's Got Talent. She was then sent directly to the semi-finals of the competition after delivering a heartfelt version of Cher's Believe.

Elcock appeared nervous during her auditions but it did not hinder her from getting the Golden Buzzer. 

However, there are several people who claims that she should not be on the show anymore because she already has an experience since she played the role of Annie in the WestEnd. 

But, she still did an amazing job in her performance.

Source: Britain'sGotTalent

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