He Was Gone By The Time He Passed His Bar Exams But His Dreams Will Live On Forever!

A tragic accident happened to Bryan Anthony when he got into a vehicular accident few weeks back. After he passed away, the results of the bar exam were shown and he is one of the bar passers. 

He is one of the 1, 731 people who successfully passed the said exam. It is being dubbed as the toughest exam in the country. 

Photo Credit: Zambo Family

The wife Charmaine Zambo said to her 7-year-old daughter that her father is now on an 'eternal vacation with God'. 

“I felt sad, of course. I can’t say that I am totally happy because this, becoming a lawyer, is what he really wanted," the wife said in a phone interview. 

Photo Credit: Zambo Family

The day that Bryan passed away is the worst day of her life. They have been together ever since they were still in high school. They supposed to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary on May 8  until the devastating news came to them. 

A six-wheeler truck that Bryan was on lost its brakes. 

Bryan was supposed to be the first lawyer in his family which is inclined to science and business. He took up Commerce Major in Financial Management. Then he decided to pursue accountancy to become a CPA. But he changed his mind and applied to Ateneo de Zamboanga that is offering a law program.

Source: Inquirer

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