Helpful Tips On How To Shrink Your Pores! Must Try!

It is for real that as we get older, our skin changes. It stretches, becomes loose and saggy. Because of this, the pores in our skin changes its size. 

There are a few tricks to slowly shrink the pores on your faces. You can go to some dermatologists but you can also try these simple tricks:

1. Wash your face with cleanser. Gently rub your face daily with cold water. After washing your face, you can now apply some toner. 

Mix 2 tbsp of crushed mint leave and 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. Combine these ingredients in a container then let it stay there for 7 days then strain it then add a glass of filtered water. 

2. Do not remove whiteheads and blackheads by simply picking at them because it will only result in scarring or infection.

3. You can also used moisturizers and other creams that are design to avoid the clogging of pores. 

Always make sure that you wash your face every morning and every night before you sleep!

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