Honest and Patient Taxi Driver In Davao Goes Viral Online! Must Read!

Another inspiring story of a citizen in Davao has made the rounds on social media sites. It is the story that was posted by a woman named Akella Shee

She shared her experience on how a taxi driver waited for her outside. The woman tried to pay for the fare but her money was P500 and that the driver could not give her the change.

The driver just then told her that he would wait for her outside saying that he would just wait for the fare outside.

The fare was P75 and the woman was expecting that the amount would go higher since he was waiting. But when she came back, the man only took the same amount. 

Touched by the act, the woman insisted on giving him P100 as a courtesy for the time he spent waiting. But the man refused saying that not everything should be paid off.

Source: AkellaShee

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