Insane Toothpaste Hacks! I Have Never Thought That Toothpaste Could Do This! This Is Awesome!

Toothpaste is created to maintain healthy teeth with the daily brushing. There are some that gives extra care when it comes to cleaning,

But did you know that there is more to toothpastes than just cleaning our mouth. There are tons of ways that toothpaste could help mankind. 

Here are some of the things that toothpaste could possibly do:

1. It can clean out you silverware and make it shiny again!

2. Rubbing it on the hazy headlights and wiping it with microfiber cloth will make it clear again. 

3. Remove the drawings of your children in the wall by wiping it wit toothpaste. 

4. Clean the piano keys up!

5. Make your rubber sneakers look fresh and new!

6. Clean your goggles!

7. Remove the watermark on wood surfaces. 

8. It can remove the ink stains on  leather!

9. Get rid of the skunk smell on your pet!

10. It can help prevent having hair dye on your ears by putting some toothpaste

11. It can relieve the itchiness of a mosquito bite. 

12. Apply it to your acne and see the magic overnight!

13. Remove the lime on you iron plate. 

14. Polishes the small scratches on the mobile phone

15. Shine the scuffs on you leather shoes and bag by applying some toothpaste. 

16. Removes the stains on carpets

17. Make your nails shiny!

18. Get rid of the onions and garlic smell on your hands!

19. Removes the odor on the bottle that won't go away!
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