Ira Panganiban Posts An Open Letter Addressed To ABS-CBN!

Once again, people in various media were left in total shock and confusion after a disturbing campaign ad was shown on television.

People were confused as to why the ABS-CBN network allowed such campaign ad to be shown on TV. What made this Tv advertisement even worse is that this video used children to hit on Duterte by saying that he'll never be a good example for everyone.

Because of this, a former employee of the ABS-CBN gathered all his thoughts and posted a rant that serves as an open letter to ABS-CBN for what they've done.

Read his letter here:

In his post, he stated reasons why the other politicians are doing this. He claims that maybe they know that their bet has no chance of winning that's why instead of campaigning for himself, he decided to do a campaign ad that could ruin the person's reputation.

However, the ABS-CBN network hasn't given any statements yet about this issue, They have been silent regarding this issue!
Source: IraPanganiban

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