Kat De Castro Has A Stong Message To The Kapamilya Network Regarding The Anti-Duterte Ad! MUST READ!

Kat De Castro, daughter of Noli De Castro is known as someone who has been a part of the ABS-CBN when she hosted some of the segments of the network. 

There had been tons of negative comments being given to the Kapamilya network after they decided to air the campaign advertisement that was intended to bring down the strongest candidate of the May 9 presidential elections, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. 

But the journalist Kat De Castro now allegedly defended ABS-CBN towads the issue of the children used to created the Anti-Duterte adss She claims that there are no law in the Philippines prohibiting the airing of the negative advertisements. 

She also said that instead of bashing the network why not focus on the politician who has the money to create a negative advertisement.

Source: DailyCosmicFeed

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