Kathryn Bernardo Gets Bashed After Taking A Photo Of Her Bare Ballot!

After the photos of Daniel Padilla surfaced the net, he gained criticisms online. And now, it is the turn of Kathryn Bernardo to face the negative comments of the people. 

This is because of the double issue that she is facing right now. She had her photo taken while she was shading the ballot and after she has casted her votes while she was wearing a 'Mar Roxas' baller

It is a known fact that taking photos inside the polling precinct is prohibited by the law. Cellphones are banned from being used inside the room where people are voting as well. 

Furthermore, Kathryn was also bashed since the Iglesio Ni Cristo is endorsing Mayor Duterte. Kathryn is a part of the INC Community but she still supported Mar Roxas.

Source: Faceboook

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