Kathryn Bernardo's Video Dancing To The Tune Of 'Tatlong Bibe" Goes Viral Online!

A video of Kathryn Bernardo has been making the rounds on social media sites. It was the video that was posted by a Facebook user named Bec Rollo that really made the day of the online community. 

The song 'Tatlong Bibe' has been making the rounds online. Ever since it was featured on the show, 'Be My Lady' there are now tons of people who could not take off the song out of their minds. 

The original animated video of the song has now gain more than 5 million views and is now being considered as the most watched song for children.

The video of Kathryn was just an edited video as they combined the performance of Kathryn on ASAP along with the background music of 'Tatlong Bibe'. Many netizens found this video amazing.

Source: Facebook, BoomPanot

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