Man Is Forced To Marry Two Women Who Are Fighting Over Him! Unbelievable!

Marriage is a sacred matrimony for two people. It is the blessing that bonds two partners to spend their whole life together. 

However,  there is a man in Sultan Kudarat, Philippines who decided to marry two women who are fighting over me. 

Razul Timbukon, 22 years old have two loves named Jarah Mendoza Labangin and Thelma Guipal

Thelma would not allow Razul to marry Jarah because she claims that the man promised to marry him. 

Because of this confusion, the parents of Labangin was enraged after Guipal revealed this information. 

The good thing is that it is legal to marry more than 1 woman for Muslims as long as they could afford it. But this is a rare occasion since the man marries two wives at the same time. 

The three are now living under the same roof. There was a report that one of the ladies went abroad and has not returned yet. 

But there are claims that this is not real since they are not wearing traditional Muslim weddings the gown appear more like a Christian Wedding.
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