The Hidden Plan Of LP Has Been Exposed By Marcos: Impeach Duterte And Have Leni Rule The Country!

The alleged 'Plan B' of the Liberal Party was already exposed to the public by the vice-presidential candidate if ever the Liberal party standard bearer Mar Roxas failed to win the elections. 

Now, Marcos claims that the Liberal Party will make sure that Leni Robredo will be able to get the seat as the Vice President then it would be the start of Plan B. 

Most of the senators then would be filing a case against Duterte to remove him from his position. Marcos claims that the LP would never file the cases if he is the Vice President since they do not want him to take the seat if ever they would continue the impeachment of Mayor Duterte. 

He claims that the LP is okay with giving up Roxas as long as Leni would be elected as Vice-president.

Source: InterAksyon

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