Nostradamus Predicted The Presidency Of Rodrigo Duterte? Must Read!

The victory of Rodrigo Duterte is not a surprise to many Filipinos. However, there are some people who claims that Duterte was predicted by Nostradamus to be the next president of the Philippines. 

This immediately caught the atttention of the social media users. They believed that what is happening to Duterte's political life was already predicted in the book of Nostradamus entitled, 'The Land Of Promise'. 

The prophecies about the Philippines and the Duterte's victory could be seen in the book. 

"The Peace and Justice and the Blood of Love from the Blessed Land Of Promise of the South Eastern,” a part taken from the book. 

People claims that it represents the Philippine Flag, white for the peace, blue for the justice and red as blood of love.  

"At the Southern area He will be born in the Year of the SERPENT," Duterte was born in the year of the serpent.

"And will start his work at the year of the TIGER," It was the year of the Tiger back in 2010 when Duterte captured the attention of the Filipinos. 

"This is the Glory of all Glory, the Hope of all Ages is born at the City of Eagle…and will end his final mission at the Largest City" The eagle city is represented by Davao which is  ruled by Rodrigo Duterte. 

So do you think that Nostradamus may have predicted what is happening to us today?

Source: NewsFeedPH

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