Plans Of Duterte Regarding The Curfew And Liquor Ban Was Further Clarified By His Spokesman!

Peter Lavina, the spokesperson of the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte made some clarifications about the details of the curfew and liquor ban implementation of the next administration. 

He also gave out the details on why Duterte chose to put up these orders and why he plans to implement it on the whole country as well if he will be seated as the next president of the Philippines. 

"The curfew is principally for minors, unescorted minors, past 10 p.m. It does not include minors with their parents or guardians. This is to make sure that our children are in their homes, sleeping already, preparing for the next day in school," said Lavina in a briefing. 

With regards to the liquor ban, establishments are prohibited to sell alcohol after 1am in public places. But people could still have a good time while they are inside their homes. The reason why they needed to implement this is to prevent people from drunk driving and cause accidents on the road. 

Smoking in public and Karaoke ban are also part of the things that were banned in the city of Davao.

Source: GMA, Inquirer

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